Charleston Legal Access (CLA) is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to expanding access to legal services and rights in South Carolina. CLA serves moderate- and low-income individuals, providing legal representation at reduced fees calculated on a sliding scale and engages in projects to expand access to justice in South Carolina. So if you make too much money to qualify for a Legal Services attorney, but you do not make enough to pay standard rates for an attorney, we are here to bridge the justice gap and give you access to legal representation.

It is an open secret that the attorneys fees associated with legal difficulties can be disastrous for low and moderate income Americans. Many low income individuals who do not qualify for free, government funded legal representation take the risk of going without an attorney, only to find themselves in worse financial and legal trouble because of their lack of legal guidance. 

Charleston Legal Access is a new, nonprofit law firm designed specifically to serve low income people with moderate assets. Our priorities are transparency, openness, and unflagging dedication to the interests of our clients. We spend little on overhead and utilize grants and donations to further reduce the rates we can offer potential clients. All fees are calculated on a sliding scale tailored to an individual’s income.